Movie Review: Roar – Tigers of the Sunderbans Falls Short on Execution

Release Date: 31st October 2014
Language: Hindi
Genres: Action, Fantasy & Adventure
Star Cast: Abhinav Shukla, Himarsha V, Virendra Singh Ghuman, Anchit Kaur, Nora Fatehi, Aaran Chaudhary, Aadil Chahal, Pranay Dixit, Ali Quli, Subrat Dutta & Pulkit Jawahar
Director: Kamal Sadanah
Runtime: 2 hour 5 minutes

Roar -Tigers Of The Sundarbans - Movie Review

Movie Review:

Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans is the story of a wildlife photographer, Uday (Pulkit Jawahar) who goes to Sunderbans for an assignment. While exploring the beautiful forest of Sundarbans, he rescues a white tiger cub, but gets brutally killed by the cub’s mother. Uday’s brother Pandit (Abhinav Shukla) a commando, creates a team to kill the white tigress and take revenge of his brother’s death. Loaded with arms, ammunition and expertise, the team enters in Sunderbans, but only to get hunted by the Tigress one after the other.

The starcast of Roar is stacked with new faces in Bollywood. The acting is pretty average. Abhinav Shukla as Pandit and Himarsha Venkatsamy as Jhumpa did a fair job. Virendra Singh Ghuman as Cheena, the heavily built guy with a voice similar to the Bollywood Macho Man Sunny Deol, looked a notch overboard. The notable attractions of the movie were Subrat Dutta as Bheera & Nora Fatehi as CJ.  Nothing much to say about the rest of the starcast.

Roar lacks script, logic and acting. Audience might get excited in few scenes watching the beautiful Sunderbans forest & the White Tigers. The Tigers are meant to be portrayed as dangerous, but its doesn’t come out that way. Rather, you might find scenes of Crocodile and Snake fight more entertaining and captivating. The camera work is appreciable, while sound effect deserved a better attention. Director and Editor, Kamal Sadanah did a fair job, to keep audience interested for 2 hours, but movie could have been lot better.

The Bottom Line: Roar is an interesting film, but falls short on execution. Its no where near to Anaconda, the Hollywood blockbuster. Might only appeal to wildlife lovers and kids.


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