Raja Natwarlal – Movie Review

Release Date: 29nd August 2014
Language: Hindi
Genres: Crime & Thriller
Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Humaima Malick, Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, Deepak Tijori
Director: Kunal Deshmukh
Runtime: 2 hours 18 minutes

Raja Natwarlal - Movie Review

Movie Review:

Raja Natwarlal is a story of a con Raja (Emraan Hashmi) and his Partner Raghav (Deepak Tijori) who steals 80 lakhs from a dangerous gangster Vardha (Kay Kay Menon). Raghav gets killed by Vardha’s man, which leaves Raja with no option than to take revenge of his partner’s life. In comes, the guru of cons, Yogi (Paresh Rawal), who is retired from his crooks job, but agrees to help Raja for an unknown reason. Parallely, a love story goes on between Raja and a bar dancer Zia (Humaima Malick).

Hashmi is one of the best choice for a con’s role in bollywood fraternity, but didn’t had enough to portray his talent. Humaima Malick’s bollywood debut is not impressive. Deepak Tijori as Hashmi’s Partner and mentor looked good in his brief appearance. Its the veteran Paresh Rawal and impressive Kay Kay Menon, who gave the movie a bit of much needed interest and pulls of some good scenes.

The movie is quite predictable, but has few good moments, specially the climax is thrilling. Except a song or two the music is pretty average and found wanting for more. The script and direction could have been better.

The Bottom Line: Raja Natwarlal has some interesting moments, but sadly lacks momentum to hold interest for two hours.


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