Mary Kom – Movie Review

Release Date: 5th September 2014
Language: Hindi
Genres: Sports & Biopic
Star Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumaar, Sunil Thapa, Robin Das, Shakti Sinha
Director: Omung Kumar
Runtime: 2 hours 4 minutes

Mary Com - Movie Review

Movie Review:

Mary Kom is a biopic, inspired from real life story of Mangte Chungneijang (Mary Kom) played by Priyanka Chopra, the champion boxer from Manipur. Mary Kom, a rice farmer’s (Robin Das) daughter, likes boxing against her father’s will. Well trained and mentored by boxing coach (Sunil Thapa) and supported by her husband, Onler Kom (Darshan Kumaar) Mary Kom wins three World Championships. The story is more about how she overcomes more challenges after her marriage and wins the world championship again.

Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom has done her best with her sheer energy and talent. Mary Kom’s boxing coach, Sunil Thapa, leaves a thumping impact as a strict coach and mentor. Darshan Kumaar as Mary Kom’s husband is predictable and could have been better. Other noticeable characters in the movie were Mary Kom’s father, Robin Das who looked very convincing, while Shakti Sinha as Sharmaji, the boxing federation chief, sometimes looked overboard.

Mary Kom is an inspirational movie, which does well in most parts, touching sensitive issues of sports, specially of women. The pace of the movie is pretty acceptable. The songs are good, but the background sounds and effects are found ineffective most of the times, specially in the climax.

The Bottom Line: Mary Kom is no where close to Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, but its a sincere tribute to Indian Women Sports. Even with few minor flaws, Mary Kom deserves to be watched.


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