Movie Review: 3 A.M. is Scary in Bit & Pieces

Release Date: 26th September 2014
Language: Hindi
Genres: Horror
Star Cast: Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya & Kavin Dave
Director: Vishal Mahadkar
Runtime: 1 hours 50 minutes

3 A.M. - Movie Review

Movie Review:

3 A.M. is story of a Reality Show host, Sunny (Rannvijay Singh), who works for a TV Chennal with his two friends Cyrus (Salil Acharya) and Raj (Kavin Dave). Sunny is in die-hard love with Sarah (Anandita Nayar) a journalist who is writing a story on haunted places in Mumbai.

Sarah is found dead in an old Rudra Mill, which has rumors of being haunted after being burnt in 1984. Sunny, Cyrus & Raj decides to make a TV show in Rudra Mill for proving the existence of ghost and finding truth behind Sarah’s death. The plot is how they fight with evil powers in this scary mill during night.

Rannvijay looks good on screen, but still needs to learn a lot about acting. Anindita Nayar in her minimal role was pretty average. Salil Acharya did a fair job. Its Kevin Dave, who gave some light moments with his comic scenes and looked most comfortable on screen.

This is the second flick from Vishal Mahadkar after Blood Money, and 3 A.M. is pretty average work from him. He could have done much better. The plot is very simple, but had its space to improvise and deliver a better horror flick. The visual and sound effects are kept simple, which is one of the positives of the movie.

The Bottom Line: 3 A.M. is scary, but in bits and pieces. It has nothing fascinating or special. A pretty average movie.


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