Mighty Hanuman – Play New Android Adventure Game for Free

Bored being playing the same old games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Subway Surfer? Here is an welcome alternative Free Android Game, which is truly engaging and entertaining – Mighty Hauman.

Although Mighty Hanuman Adventure Game is uncomplicated in its game-play, its thrilling graphics, challenging levels, exciting milestones and memorable score make the game stand out from the rest.

Mighty Hanuman - New Android Adventure Game for Free

In this New Android Game, Hanuman – A Warrior Hero, An Incarnation of God, A Savior, Iconic Avatar will take you to ancient time, wherein you as a gamer will have to help our hero, Hanuman to reach his mark uninterrupted avoiding the hurdles of Demons.

How to Play Mighty Hanuman Adventure Game

How to Play Mighty Hanuman Free Adventure Game

  • In this Free Game, you will see Hanuman flying in sky. He has prepared for his endless journey which will be interrupted by demons trying to block his path.
  • Hanuman journey has five life during one game play.The life’s will be reduced if Hanuman, the super hero collides with demons. If life become zero; then our hero’s journey will be stopped and this adventure game will be over, you as a gamer will have to replay the game.
  • During this Journey our hero will be eating fruits to keep his energy level high, more you eat fruits more will be your score.

Download Free Mighty Hanuman Game

  • In game play Superhero (gamer) will see a Pitcher Pot icon which is a nothing but a “Kalash” which is consider very holy which is when collected game play will become faster.
  • Hanuman will also see Oam sign( ॐ ) which when collected life of our superhero will become immortal (Even if hero collide with demons his life will not reduce) and all fruits will be collected automatically; the booster effect will last for 10 seconds.
  • So your goal as gamer is to make Hanuman fly and collect as much points as possible by eating fruits and avoid collision with demons. In between collect Kalash power and Oam Power which will give you magnet effect and make your life immortal.

Understand more about Mighty Hanuman Android Game with this Video

Download and Enjoy this Free Android Game reach high score millstones! All the Best!

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